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An innovative way for everyone to travel around the world!

A clever approach to help Travel & Tourism economies around the world to utilize their services & keep the industry going & growing!

How It Works!

We Source

As the world's #1 Mega Travel and Tourism Platform and one of the fastest growing brands in the industry, we are sourcing the best quality Travel & Tourism products/services from around the world powered by our reputable Partners & Travel Ambassadors!

We Select

We then select those that are on high availability such as International & Domestic Flights, 3&5 star Hotels-Villas-Resorts, Car Hire up to a D category, Tours, Activities, and many more which we categorize and promote, so they become accessible for everyone through #traffler club!

We Draw

All prizes are available to be won through our #traffler draw or to be purchased instantly and they benefit an open date for one year as well as with an open destination! Meaning that you have the flexibility to decide and design your next trip hassle free!

Everyone Can Join!

Individuals, Tourists, Business Travelers, Travel Bloggers, Photographers

Everyone feel free to join the Traffler club. Enter the draw and plan your next dream holiday anywhere in the world!

Tourism Boards, Travel Ambassadors, Travel & Tourism Professionals

Join to enter the draw if you wish or subscribe to our growing network of Travel & Tourism Ambassadors and offer your best quality services and products to everyone through #traffler club!

Influencers, Advertisers and Publishers, Marketers

Mix and match your existing projects with our unique offers and add extra value to your final products or services!

What Are The Benefits?

Your winning voucher is valid for one year from the winning date and includes open dates and destinations! Your prize can also be transferred to anyone you wish before we issue the booking voucher!

Our experienced travel experts will work with you to match and combine your winning prize with your preferred destination and dates as well as with other offers from our partners to give you alternatives worldwide, making your next trip unforgettable!

Join the Traffler club to win your next trip or to raffle your products and services and get supported by our fast growing Social Media Network. 300.000+ followers & connections dedicated to Travel & Tourism and Life Style!

Tell Me More!

Assuming You Won A 7 Day Resort In Asia

Your prize is valid for one year and includes open dates and destinations for the specified Continent or Region! We guarantee to find your perfect holiday resort in the preferred country in Asia or alternatively in any other country in Asia!

Assuming You Won A 3 Day Car Rental In Europe

Your prize is valid for one year and includes open dates and destinations for the specified Continent or Region! We guarantee to find your next car rental service at the preferred country in Europe or alternatively in any other country in Europe!

Assuming You Won A 2 Day Safari In Africa

Your prize is valid for one year and includes open dates and destinations for the specified Continent or Region! We guarantee to find your next safari tour at the preferred country in Africa or alternatively in any other country in Africa!

How To Join?

Enter Traffler club and feel free to grab as many raffle tickets as you like to increase your possibilities to win at the draw!


Enter Traffler club and purchase immediately if you wish the Travel & Tourism service or product you require!
Check the ticket status and if no raffles are sold you can purchase the prize! If any tickets are sold on that raffle but you still want to purchase the prize, just use our Chat Box at the bottom right on your screen, advise our team which raffle you wish to purchase and we will send you a personalised link to purchase your prize!

Enter Traffler club and only spend £1 for your chance to win your next trip wherever you wish around the world!

The Fun Part!

Bookmark the Raffle page and watch Live updates. When all the raffles are gone, an automated draw takes place, selecting a random winner !

Engage your friends as well as social media followers by asking them to participate and simultaneously increase your winning potential!

The winner will be featured across all our social media platforms and get's the chance to become our next Travel Ambassador!

What To Do Next?

If you are the winner, you will receive a push notification and an automated e-mail which will guide you of how to claim your prize!

You will only need to share your prize through your social media network and praise our partners! That's it! You Won!

We will contact you the same day to discuss the numerous options you have and to sent you the winning voucher!

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We Raffle You Travel! Join #traffler Club Today!

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