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More than 700 flights in Europe and all around the world in 2022 only

More than 1.000 passengers reached their destination in total safety

40 countries for a total of 130 destinations around the world

Access to a fleet of 14.000 aircrafts
worldwide and possibility of take-off two hours after the call

Dedicated TTC & CTS, Tactical Control Center and Customer Tailored Solution available 24/7 in 10 different languages

Real time flight information

Direct management of aircrafts. Exclusive reserved flights for our “FPJ Wings” clients

Air ambulance service for these urgent and delicate situations

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This category of aircrafts is often used in Europe and in the United States for its versatility and for its lower price, compared to a jet. Its main feature is the ability of landing on very short runways

Entry level jets or very light jets are the smallest category of private jets. They can accommodate up to 4-5 passengers, with a range of flight of two hours and fifty minutes

Light jets are the ideal solution for short and medium-range flights. They can accommodate up to 6-8 passengers and they are used mainly by families or small groups for flights up to three hours

Midsize jets are the most popular in the world. They represent the most convenient solution with a large stand-up cabin and toilet. It is an excellent option thanks to its price quality ratio

If you desire a jet with a large and luxurious cabin but you need a certain amount of versatility, a Super Midsize jet is the most suitable solution. These jets have a greater flight range and they can access smaller airports, otherwise not easily accessible

Heavy jets are recommended for flights up to 13 passengers or for people that travel with a lot of luggage. Passengers can enjoy a comfortable cabin with three different zones, flight attendant, entertainment system and Wi-Fi

If you need to fly from Milan to Tokyo but commercial flights are not suitable for your plans you can rely on Ultra Long Range aircrafts. These private jets can fly up to 14 hours, connecting any city around the world

VIP airliners are the most popular option among Royal families or Heads of state that choose Fast Private Jet for their flights. These aircrafts have the greatest flight range, up to 19 hours, and the best comfort

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Fast Private Jet aims to provide the best quality service before, during and after a flight to our valuable customers through our services that connect customers and private jet operators in order to provide the best price and quality available on the market.